Get compliant in just 4 weeks...
and avoid certification dread.

Got a standard you need to comply with? No problem. Get it sorted with a 4-week programme that sets you up with audit ready processes, free templates, and the tools to maintain your compliance long beyond the 4 weeks.

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    We were compliant to IEC:62304 in just four weeks. We now have audited ready documentation, and a process we knew we could manage long into the future.

    Finlay, Founder at VEIN IR

    Struggling to comply with a standard,
    or knowing what standards even apply?

    You aren’t alone; over 60% of MedTech execs say regulation is their biggest challenge.  But it dosn't have to be. 

    Join the “compliant in 4 weeks” programme, and you’ll have a fully compliant process and tailored made action plan for ongoing maintenance in…yep, you guessed it…4 weeks.

    ...has been a real game-changer for us. It makes the whole regulatory process so much more manageable and efficient.

    Alison Sundset, CEO Holocare

    ... I'm blown away by just how user friendly it is and it simplifies the development pathway...

    Seamus Morris, Innovation Director, Pillar Centre of Medicine

    I really value your support and feel very lucky to have found this!”

    Nikki Allen, Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist, NHS

    Just some of our happy customers:

    Experts in compliance.

    Our experts know compliance like the back of their hand. And you'll get access to all that expertise in our "compliant in 4 weeks" programmes. 

    - Our experts are all trained and qualified to help.
    - We have worked with hundreds of customers globally.
    - Over 100 years combined of regulatory experience.
    - We cover all major medical device standards/regulation.

      Your name*
      Business email*

      What do you want to comply to?*

      No spam, just the programme details and a list of start dates.

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      What's included?

      Compliant in 4 Weeks

      Action Plan

      A clear, easy to understand action plan for maintaining your compliance, that is specific to your product, team and processes.
      Compliant in 4 Weeks

      Planned Priorities

      We prioritse actions for you, so you know exaclty what is urgent, the quick-wins, and your long term goals.
      Compliant in 4 Weeks

      Dedicated Expert

      You'll have dedicated access to one of your experts throughout the programme, as well as ongoing support after.
      Compliant in 4 Weeks

      Free Templates

      You'll get all the document templates you need to ensure compliance, including a checklist to show how you have met the compliance.


      1This all sounds great, when I can start?
      Register your interest to a programme, and we will send you all the details, terms as well as a list of start dates, so that you can choose when it suits best.
      2What is the structure of the 4 week programme?
      All our programmes take 4 weeks, and most start with a deep dive into your product in week 1. This is when you will meet your dedicated expert, and they will get to know you and your product. From there they will guide you through the 4 week programme to compliance.
      3Can I really get compliant in 4 weeks?
      Yes, and we have done it ourselves. The programmes set you up with processes that meet the requirements of the standards. It is important to remember that compliance does require ongoing maintenance beyond the 4 weeks, and some actions on your plan may need to be addressed longer term .
      4How will I know I am compliant?
      With all programmes, we provide a compliance checklist, that shows you exactly how you meet the clause. This gives you concrete evidence that you have a compliant processes in place.

      If you want to understand more about any of the programmes, and what other services we offer, then book your free no-obligation call now. We will walk you through the process, the tools we use, the main outcomes, and explore how it can help you get compliant in 4 weeks.