QMS for Medical Devices

If you are searching for the best quality management software for medical device compliance, then book demo with Tento+. Created from the team at AND Technology Research, which has been established as a trusted name in design and development in regulated markets for more than 40 years, Tento+ helps to simplify the regulatory compliance journey.

This ground-breaking software incorporates AI technology to maximise efficiencies and make it easier than ever for product development teams to work collaboratively and effectively in the real-time development of projects, helping to ensure compliance for your medical device.


Why Tento+ is the best QMS for Medical Devices

Tento+ is the perfect regulatory management tool for the medical device industry, designed by engineers, for engineers. This ground-breaking QMS (Quality Management Software) streamlines your compliance journey through AI-driven analysis of device properties and a personalised list of standards. With an intuitive interface that can be accessed for collaborative working, product development teams can easily define requirements, conduct thorough testing as well as track and record results.

Created by AND Technology Research, with more than 40 years of experience in the design and development in regulated markets, Tento+ helps to seamlessly integrate design control, quality management and regulatory standards for your medical device development.

Assure Compliance success with Tento+

If you are looking to meet regulatory standards for your medical device, Tento+ is the new way to take the complication out of your journey to compliance.

Simply check the appropriate keywords relevant to your device and Tento+ will instantly create an individualised checklist for your product’s regulatory requirements. Tento+ will then allow you and your team to manage activities, record testing results and track progress. To try our free Tento+ demo, simply complete the form.