Find out which design standards apply

Navigating the intricate landscape of design standards is a critical aspect of product development, particularly in MedTech, where regulatory compliance is paramount. Tento+ is your trusted companion in this journey, offering a unique tool that simplifies the process of identifying which design standards apply to your specific device or product.

Tento+ Design Standards Discovery Tool:

Tento+ offers a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the process of identifying applicable standards. Here’s how it works:

  1. Property Selection: You start by selecting the properties of the device that is most applicable, a whole list are given. If you don’t know, you can leave fields blank.
  2. Automatic Standard Identification: Leveraging its vast database, Tento+ automatically identifies the standards that are relevant to the device based on the provided profile. This process significantly reduces the guesswork and research typically required.
  3. Detailed Standard Information: Tento+ provides a brief synopsis of each standard including its title/number, description, and a link for you to find the standard. This helps users gain a clear understanding of what each standard entails.
  4. Customization and Selection: You can then review the list of identified standards, further refine the selection based on your specific needs, and choose the most relevant ones for their project. By locking them in, you can also generate document lists that should help you get compliant to those standards.

Benefits of Design Standards Discovery with Tento+:

  • Time Savings: Tento+ eliminates the time-consuming process of manually researching and identifying design standards, allowing you to focus on compliance rather than paperwork.
  • Comprehensive Information: Users gain access to information about each standard, facilitating informed decision-making and compliance planning.
  • Regulatory Confidence: With Tento+, you can approach compliance with confidence, knowing that you’re following the right standards for your device.