What is GeMA?

Introducing GeMA, an advanced AI tool designed to revolutionize the way medical device innovators generate content that adheres to strict medical design standards. In the highly regulated world of medical technology, ensuring compliance with rigorous requirements, test plans, and design specifications is paramount. With GeMA, you have a powerful ally that streamlines the content creation process, reducing errors and accelerating innovation.

What are the benefits of GeMA?

  • Efficiency: Save valuable time and resources by automating the content generation process. Focus more on innovation and less on paperwork.
  • Quick start: If you are struggling to know where to start or what to document, GeMA is trained to provide helpful starting points for capturing requirements, test plans and more.
  • Coverage: GeMA offers additional areas of specification or testing that you may not have considered yourself, ensuring you have better courage on the documentation.

Try GeMA out today, just look for purple icon in the dashboard.