How do I create a test plan in Tento+?

A well-structured test plan is a crucial component of proving the compliance of your product. It ensures that your product meets the required quality standards and performs as expected. Tento+ provides a powerful platform for creating comprehensive test plans, complete with test logs, test records, and detailed test protocol steps.

Understanding the Test Plan Components:

A test plan comprises several essential elements:

  • Test Logs: Test logs are used to organise your testing, and group the test records you plan to conduct. They often cover things like “System Testing”, “Risk Verification”.
  • Test Records: Test records are the tests themselves, and include information such as the test’s objective, scope, and acceptance criteria (through test protocols). Test records are the documents that capture the results of each test and provide a detailed account of what occurred during the test, including any anomalies or deviations from expected outcome.
  • Test Protocol Steps: Test protocol steps outline the specific procedures to follow when conducting a test. They serve as a guideline for test execution, ensuring consistency and repeatability. Anomalies are raised against particular test steps during a test run.
  • Traceability: Test records are cross-referenced to individual requirements to give you traceability of who the requriement has been verified through testing.

Creating Your Test Plan with Tento+:

  • Add Test Logs: Firstly, you can create a test log by heading to the testing tab, and select add test section.
  • Add Test Records: Under the test log, you can start to create test records. Specify the test name, purpose, and any tools that are needed and additional notes.
  • Link to requirements: Within the test record, you should link which requirements this testing is verifying by selecting the three dots on the right hand side and selecting cross-reference.
  • Document Test Protocol Steps: For each test, outline the step-by-step procedures that need to be followed. Tento+ allows you to create and organize these steps, ensuring that testers have clear instructions.
  • Run Tests: Execute the tests according to the defined protocol steps. Tento+ can help you track the progress of each test and ensure that all steps are followed.
  • Log Results: During and after each test, record the results in Tento+. Document any observations, measurements, pass/fail criteria, and anomalies encountered.
  • Anomaly Identification: If an anomaly is identified during testing, Tento+ enables you to log it with detailed information. This is crucial for further investigation and resolution.

Benefits of Using Tento+ for Test Planning:

  • Centralized Documentation: Tento+ provides a centralized platform for creating, executing, and documenting tests, ensuring that all team members have access to the latest information.
  • Improved Traceability: Test logs, records, and protocol steps are interconnected within Tento+, enabling easy traceability from test objectives to results.
  • Efficient Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with your team members to review and approve test plans and results within the tool.
  • Anomaly Resolution: Identify and address anomalies promptly by logging them in Tento+. This helps prevent issues from carrying forward into the product’s development cycle.